6 ways to twist with TwistKey!

Here at TwistKey, we’re all about displaying information better – that’s why our presenters are designed to make a splash. And with oodles of space to display your branding and messages, it’s proving quite a hit with the branded USB clan.

But what if you’ve got your eye on a TwistKey and can’t think of the right project? May we suggest a few…

1) Event takeaway. Got an event coming up or attending an exhibition? TwistKey’s proving a powerful way to stand out from the branded pens and tote bags at marketing events, while making sure your audience go home with a bit of a teaser.

2) HR material. Recruitment and training materials account for a lot of info that passes through a business. Taking the paper copies away can have a big impact, reducing waste and making sure staff can access all the necessary information with ease.

3) Publications. Some of our clients are journals and industry publications that are now using TwistKey to deliver their offerings to their readers in a digital format.

4) Report delivery. TwistKey doesn’t have to be a recurring feature. Reports including vast amounts of data, imagery and accompanying text can fit snugly into a TwistKey and add a bit of excitement to all those analytics.

5) Brochure. Here’s another classic use of TwistKey: catalogues, brochures and price lists showing off products and customer testimonials. The plus is that TwistKey surrounds your digital data with your branding, prompting potential clients to pick up the phone, look at your website or follow social media profiles. More information, less paper!

6) Media. We’ve seen videos, photography, infographics, animations, even audio among the types of content being uploaded to TwistKey. The great thing is you’re not restricted to any particular format – and as the marketing gurus tell us, the mix makes for great consumer engagement. People love receiving TwistKey, and discovering what’s on the USB is a bonus!

Thought of something we haven’t? Get your TwistKey project started today with a free personalised sample!

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