8 Facts About TwistKey

TKWith the launch of our blog, we hoped you’d forgive us a little self-indulgence. We asked our top natterer of the sales department, Emily, what queries she hears most often and here you have it – 8 things you may not know about TwistKey!

What is it?

We’re the only manufacturer of TwistKey in the entire world, so this is an understandable question! TwistKey is a unique presentation case for USBs that’s ripe for branding with your messaging, logos and calls to action. So whether you’re delivering your latest report to your board members or trying to stand out at a conference or exhibition, TwistKey can help you make a real impression.

Where is it made?

Easy peasy – in the UK! From design and manufacture to packing and dispatch, the whole shebang is conducted in our factory site in the South of England. But don’t worry if the UK isn’t the final destination of your TwistKey order, we can ship overseas – just ask for more info.

What’s the turnaround?

Once we have your artwork, TwistKey takes just 7 working days to turnaround. We can be flexible though (we have complete control over lead times here in Kent) and have been known to meet some pretty short deadlines, so don’t be put off if you’re under a ticking clock.

Do I need to provide a USB?

We’re often asked if customers need to provide the USB – nope! Not only can we include the USB for your TwistKey, but you can have the memory stick personalised right here too with up to 4 beautiful colours of your choice and printed on both sides.

Can you upload my data? 

You bet! Your TwistKey delivery will be of a fully personalised product, including your data-filled USB. We usually provide a 1GB USB as standard, but can provide 8GB memory sticks for very little extra if you need some extra space.

Will my data be secure?

Security is an important part of data presentation and we take it very seriously. You can have your data encrypted or get a password added to protect all that precious copy.

Can I see a mockup before it’s printed?

Of course – making decisions can be tricky and we know that, which is why we send you fully personalised prototype of the whole thing so you know exactly how it will look before the printers get to work.

Where can I get one?

Right here!

Want to see TwistKey in action? Check out the rest of the site for examples. You can also contact Emily or any one of the TwistKey team if you have any more questions, or would like a free sample.

We’re on Twitter! Head to the Twittersphere and say hello @TwistKeyTweets 

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