Does marketing have a marketing problem?

Marketing carrotOdd question, we know. But marketing has always had a marketing problem, because communicating the benefits isn’t easy. While new platforms and whizzy tools are definitely important, we think the reason the best marketing works is because it holds some very simple values at its core. Here’s some of them…

People still like people

OK, but what does this mean for brands without zillion dollar budgets? If people like people, they like character, they like personalisation and they like to have a conversation: enter tone of voice, personalisation products (we’ve got a few) and social media engagement. And the best part is that personalisation can be simple – it just needs understanding and application. The personal brand is what we might call the value proposition, i.e. what’s on offer, what the business is best at, who they help. Starting with these questions is key.

Thinking creatively

Being heard can be a problem these days. Working in a crowded market and trying to be heard above all the noise can be a daunting prospect for businesses. The sheer volume of marketing messages we get every day is the cause – don’t even try and count. On second thoughts counting would be interesting, if exhausting. The solution? Well let’s all agree to pack it in, queue up nicely and send one message at a time people, everyone waiting their turn. Who’s in? Thought not. Instead we’re going to have to find opportunities of standing out brighter and fresher in more inventive and surprising ways.

Walking in their shoes

Marketing should be easy because of one simple thing: we’re all being marketed to. We’re consumers, business purchasing decision makers, watchers of adverts and openers of emails. It’s funny how few of us put on the shoes of the recipient when making marketing decisions. At TwistKey, we don’t send out free samples to marketers for fun, we do it so they know why receiving the product works – so they can feel the excitement of getting their hands on it. Just order a personalised sample and see for yourself!

Adding value to the client

To be a useful part of their world, marketing support businesses have to add value to a client’s proposition. The premise behind TwistKey started with the desire to create something useful, that delivers some important content via some strong messaging. Little did we know that creating a product everybody loves would turn out to be the easy part. The hard part (which we’ve become really good at!) is finding ways to do the impossible, which means never having to say no to a client. Then doing it again and again.

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