Getting personal – 5 things we just love to personalise

Everybody likes to be made to feel special, so it’s no wonder then that items with a personal touch are a big hit at Christmas and birthdays. There’s just something about seeing your name emblazoned all over an everyday object that appeals to our hearts (and egos).

But personalized mugs, t-shirts and calendars are a dime a dozen, so we thought we’d put together a list of some of the more uncommon personalized products out there that will give you and your loved ones that warm fuzzy feeling inside.


1. Marshmallows 

Ever wanted to take a giant bite out of a picture of your mother-in-law’s face? Now you can! Boomf uses your uploaded photos to create little personalized parcels of mallow-y goodness that are sure to get a few giggles when being eaten. We also don’t underrate the potential to watch our enemies slowly melt away in a cup of steaming hot chocolate…. Ah, that sweet, sweet revenge.



2. Storybooks

Over 200,000 books are published each year in the UK alone, yet shockingly none are about you!? Well, thanks to companies such as Identity Direct, you can change that fact in a few clicks. If you’ve always longed to be friends with Spiderman, Snow White or Spongebob, now is your chance to be immortalised alongside them and become the star of your very own fairytale!



3. Muppets

I’ve often been called a muppet (mostly by my colleagues), but now the joke’s on them as I can finally become one! Send your picture to Sublimations, and they’ll create your muppet doppelganger, complete with big googly eyes and button nose. Cute. Hilarious. Completely necessary. Only the Grinch wouldn’t be cheered by these little guys.



4. Perfume

Beyonce, Kate Moss and Christina Aguilera have bottled their own scents in highly lucrative deals, and now you can too (minus the millions of pounds). My Parfum allows you to create a completely unique fragrance, letting you choose everything from the ingredients to the packaging. Who wants to smell of Eau de Celeb when you can have your own signature scent?



5. USB cases

Whether it’s baby’s first album or pictures from your wedding, USB sticks are a great way of sharing the love with friends and family. But don’t just hand over a naked USB, wrap it up in a beautifully personalized TwistKey!

TwistKey is already available for orders over 50 but we are launching MyTwistKey for smaller orders soon – sign up here to be notified and you’ll get 10% off your first order!

Can you think of any other weird and wonderful things that can be customized? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us @TwistKeyTweets!

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