Photography presentations: 5 tools to impress

So you’ve worked the weddings, the Bar Mitzvahs, the company events and even the birthday parties for those spoiled little tykes who threw cake at you. Now the hard work is over, you have to find a way to stand out from every SLR-wielding wannabe in order to gain new clients. You’ve got to do your photos (and yourself) justice – so here’s 5 photography portfolio tools that can help.


Carbonmade is more than an adorable logo (awwww look at it though!). Its an unbelievably user-friendly online portfolio service, which allows you to upload and create a beautiful portfolio from a number of customisable themes in minutes. It also has a directory where you might be spotted by potential clients, so if you havent already loaded your artwork to this site, give it a look – you might just be glad you did. 



You may (and probably should) have a WordPress site up and running, showing off all of your gorgeous work. What you maybe didnt know, is that there are a great range of plugins for WordPress which make your site look B-E-A-utiful. Aeolus, Rio Portfolio and Nimble are worth checking out, but there are plenty out there to choose from.



There are dos and don’ts in every industry and one thing holds true in photography – you can’t ignore social media. Facebook and Twitter are important for community, but when it comes to sharing images, it has to be Pinterest. Why? Pinterest is cunningly designed to make you want to share everything and curate them on ‘pinboards’. Because of how addictive it is, getting your work onto Pinterest will really help your reach and be seen.

Portfolio case 


It may be obvious and cheesy, but sometimes the best way of showing off your work is in person. People buy from people, and personality goes a long way. Showing prints in the flesh (and on paper) can make a huge difference when winning new clients, so get out there and socialise!    


And of course we couldn’t leave out the beautiful TwistKey. Ok, sure, we’re a bit biased (ike a parent who thinks their child is a special little munchkin). But seriously, there isn’t a smarter way to present digital data out there. Compact, smart and branded just for you, TwistKey makes a real impression whether you’re prospecting a new client or presenting clients with their photos, making sure you stay remembered.

TwistKey is available to order in quantities of 50 or more but we will soon be launching MyTwistKey, letting you customise orders between 1-50 – great for giving clients a specially customised keepsake of their event.

Sign up here to be notified of our launch to get 10% off your first MyTwistKey order!

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