Our TwistKey Project: Purified Air Ltd

Here’s the latest in our spotlight series, taking a look at just some of the ways TwistKey has found a home in different brands and businesses.

Purified Air supplies the commercial kitchen and catering industries, manufacturing & maintaining extract filtration units as well as providing Air Conditioning installation for retail and residential markets. Finding a way to present their various services was the task. With a well known brand and a focus on tailor-made services that fit exactly what the client is after, TwistKey happily fitted the bill.

As well as providing a breath of fresh air (sorry!) for Purified Air, TwistKey solved a number of queries. First was easing the reliance on brochures for displaying products and services, reducing the costs of reprinting with each update and at scale. They saved on postage, production and, as a brand that waves the flag for environmental issues, saving on paper was a plus. Video content is also an important addition to the Purified Air marketing activity, something that TwistKey hosts alongside other marketing collateral, ensuring it’s all viewed. Not to mention a certain 30th birthday!

The marketing team had this to say of TwistKey:

“Working with the British Loose Leaf team on our TwistKey project was a pleasure from start to finish. They were not only knowledgeable but very helpful and encouraging throughout. Better yet, everyone loves the Purified Air Twistkey, with rave reviews coming in from our distributors and customers around the world.  A huge thank-you to Emily and Moira.”

A big TwistKey thanks to the team and, of course, a very happy birthday!


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