Welcome to the TwistKey family!

TwistKey is the perfect product for making your memory stick more memorable, that’s a given! But there is much more to us than just TwistKey alone. We have other standout products that continue our trend of creating both functional and high quality products. Say hi to the rest of the TwistKey family!


The pop-up design of PresentaCard creates an impact (visually, not physically, thankfully) the moment it is seen. This unique and professional way to present credit card sized information is not only visually appealing, but also protects your cards completely. PresentaCard is a great way to show off invitations, tickets or even business cards, and keep them safe and cozy as well.



The Retractable:

Constantly losing your keys down the side of the sofa? Don’t let the same thing happen to your USB. The original TwistKey is a great way of storing a USB, and the Retractable will make sure it can’t go for walkies. With a retractable cord connecting the USB to its box, not only is the USB safe but it is also continuously attached to a box with your company’s brand information on it. Perfect!

Arch Key


The Arch Key:

To the old-fashioned out there sticking with physical folders instead of digital ones, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered! Another member of the TwistKey family is a product designed to fit seamlessly into your lever arch file. For those who work with large quantities of paper every day, attaching this version of the TwistKey into your folders is a great use of the space you already have. Send a colleague a file full of physical documents, and digital versions of them on the attached USB with ease. Paper fans, we have you covered.


There’s so much more to the TwistKey family than just TwistKey itself, and it’s still growing – follow us on Twitter @TwistKeyTweets and keep an eye out for future additions!

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